Evening Peace: A Guided Meditation


A powerful guided meditation to help you release the day and set highest intentions for the next day. Used regularly it will support you in creating ever-better life conditions. Comforting, inspiring, effective!


Written and produced by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D.
Voice: Amy Barron Smolinski
Music by Thaddeus​
The guided meditation is about 18 minutes. 12 minutes of just music follow.

​Evening Peace is an effective, powerful guided meditation set to beautiful music. Its purpose is to support you in creating ever-better, more-fulfilling life conditions.

Listen to Evening Peace at the end of the day to relax, clear worries and concerns, set positive intentions for your dreams and desires and rest in the deep peace, beauty and bliss of your divine self.

Used regularly, Evening Peace will guide you to continually unfold your soul potential and experience ever-greater personal fulfillment.

Nurturing, supportive, comforting, inspiring, relaxing.

The guided meditation is about eighteen minutes long. Twelve minutes of just music follow. It is recommended you continue to listen to the music and give yourself that extra time to absorb the blissful, positive energies.

Suggestions on how to make best use of Evening Peace are inside the CD booklet. They are included in the download as a separate audio file.

Headphones are recommended.


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